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March 19, 2018


Aiden Hall, Public Relations Assistant

Animal Rescue League Bringing Animals to Drake University

DES MOINES, IOWA – The Animal Rescue League of Iowa is partnering with Drake University to bring animals to campus. Beginning in Fall 2018, the ARL plans to connect students with animals by bringing dogs and cats to Drake’s residence halls on a regular basis.

College is a stressful time for many, but studies have shown that petting or playing with an animal can reduce these stresses. However, Drake University’s current residence hall policy does not allow students to keep animals. Jessica Jones, a first-year at Drake, believes students will benefit from the ARL initiative.

“It was hard leaving my cat, Jezebel, at home when I came to college at Drake,” Jones said. “Some of the best study breaks I had involved playing with Jezebel.”

Twice a week, ARL volunteers will set up on the main floor of each residence hall with the rescued animals. After signing a waiver and completing a short online training session, students, as well as faculty and staff, can take a break and play with the animals.

Mary Beth Mahler, vice president of residential life at Drake, has spearheaded the partnership. “We are proud to get this off the ground,” Mahler said. “It’s a unique program and just another demonstration of how much Drake really cares about students.”

The Animal Rescue League is also looking forward to the program. Jessi Decker, event coordinator for the ARL, said, “We are enthusiastic about this partnership with Drake University. The program is a first for us in partnering with a college.” According to Decker, if the program is a success, the ARL intends to replicate it at other colleges throughout the state.


The Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) is Iowa’s largest nonprofit animal shelter, caring for many thousands of pets each year. The ARL serves people and pets from across the state of Iowa through its programs, which include pet adoption, humane education, pet behavior training, spay/neuter, animal cruelty intervention and much more. Learn more about us at

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